Putin: I’ll Release Trump Meeting Records

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Putin: I’ll Release Trump Meeting Records
Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said he would be willing to hand over to U.S. lawmakers the transcripts of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s meeting with President Trump. According to Putin, the U.S. president had not passed on any classified information to Lavrov during their Oval Office visit last week, and such transcripts, the Russian president said, would prove it. “I spoke to him [Lavrov] today,” Putin told reporters in Moscow, before joking: “I’ll be forced to issue him with a reprimand because he did not share these secrets with us. Not with me, nor with representatives of Russia’s intelligence services. It was very bad of him.” A Kremlin aide reportedly clarified that Putin’s office had a written record of the conversation as opposed to an audio one.
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Chelsea Manning Released From Prison
Chelsea Manning, who was in prison on a 35-year sentence for passing classified information to WikiLeaks, has been released after serving seven years. Manning’s sentence was commuted by President Obama as one of his final acts before leaving office. Manning was in the Fort Leavenworth military prison in Kansas.
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McCain: Trump Scandal Is ‘Watergate Size’
Former GOP presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, responding to multiple reports that President Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey to halt the bureau’s investigation into Michael Flynn, said Tuesday evening that Trump’s various scandals had reached a “Watergate size and scale. “I think we’ve seen this movie before. I think it appears at a point where it’s of Watergate size and scale… the shoes continue to drop, and every couple days there’s a new aspect,” McCain told Bob Schieffer, the retired former host of CBS’ Face the Nation, at a dinner where McCain was receiving the International Republican Institute’s Freedom Award. The senator told Schieffer that the advice he would give to Trump is “the same thing that you advised Richard Nixon, which he didn’t do… get it all out… it’s not going to be over until every aspect of it is thoroughly examined and the American people make a judgment. And the longer you delay, the longer it’s going to last.” McCain also savaged the Trump administration for inviting emissaries of the Russian government into the Oval Office. The senator has been a frequent critic of the Kremlin. “I’ve known this guy [Russian Foreign Minister Sergei] Lavrov for 30 years. He’s an old KGB apparatchik stooge, and Putin is a murderer and a thug,” McCain said. “And to have Lavrov in the Oval Office and be friendly with the guy whose boss… sent aircraft with precision weapons to attack hospitals in Aleppo, I just think it’s unacceptable.” —Tim Mak
Fallon: I Was ‘Devastated’ After Trump Interview
In a new interview, Jimmy Fallon, host of NBC’s Tonight Show, spoke out for the first time about his controversial September sit-down with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. Fallon, who was roundly criticized for fawning over the real-estate mogul, told The New York Times he found the online hate inescapable. “After this happened, I was devastated,” Fallon said. “I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just trying to have fun.” At the end of the segment, Fallon had playfully run his hands through Trump’s hair, sparking outrage online. “I didn’t do it to humanize him,” Fallon said. “I almost did it to minimize him. I didn’t think that would be a compliment: ‘He did the thing that we all wanted to do.'” View this cheat in a browser to see this video.
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Republicans Want Subpoena for Comey Memo
High-ranking congressional Republicans indicated support for subpoenaing former FBI Director James Comey’s memos on his private conversations with President Donald Trump. On Tuesday night, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight Committee wrote a letter to the FB’s acting director to request “all memoranda, notes, summaries, recordings referring or relating to any communications between Comey and the president.” The Utah Republican requested the materials by May 24. “.@GOPoversight is going to get the Comey memo, if it exists,” Chaffetz tweeted Tuesday night. “I need to see it sooner rather than later. I have my subpoena pen ready.” House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office also appeared to express support for a subpoena. “We need to have all the facts, and it is appropriate for the House Oversight Committee to request this memo,” Ryan’s spokesperson, AshLee Strong, told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday night. Meanwhile, every Democratic member of the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees signed a letter Tuesday night demanding an immediate investigation into Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and top White House aides.
9 Injured in Anti-Erdogan Protests in D.C.
Nine people were injured Tuesday during a protest against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Washington, D.C. Anti-Erdoğan demonstrators had gathered outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence, not far from the Turkish Embassy, after President Trump met with Erdoğan at the White House. They used the meeting to condemn what they described as Erdoğan’s authoritarian policies. The demonstration reportedly turned violent when clashes erupted between Erdoğan supporters and critics. Video from the scene showed police struggling to break up multiple brawls that broke out simultaneously, as two injured people were shown being treated by medics. Several protesters were shown covered in blood. The Washington D.C. Fire and EMS department confirmed the clashes on Twitter, describing it as a “mass-casualty incident.” Authorities have not yet provided any further details on how the violence began, but anti-Erdoğan demonstrators accused Erdoğan supporters of carrying out an unprovoked attack. View this cheat in a browser to see this video.
Women in 30s Having More Babies Than Younger Moms
Women in their early thirties are for the first time having more babies than younger moms in the United States, according to new data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to health experts, the shift was caused by more women choosing to wait longer to have children, as well as a steady national drop in teen births. Now, the birth rate for women in the 30-to-34 age group is about 103 per 100,000. For women ages 25 to 29, it’s 102 per 100,000. The average age when women have their first child is 28, and the overall birth rate was down to about 62 births per 100,000 women, ages 15 to 44. Bill Albert, of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, said teens are now growing up with fewer and fewer peers getting pregnant. “We always talk about peer pressure as a negative, but it can be a force for good,” he said.
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New Orleans Removes Third Confederate-Era Monument
New Orleans has taken down a third Confederate-era monument slated for removal as part of the city’s push to rid itself of four racially charged statues. About 200 people looked on early Wednesday as workers began dismantling the 14-foot statue of Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard, a Confederate general during the Civil War and commander at the Battles of Shiloh and the first Bull Run. Both supporters and opponents of the city’s initiative to remove the monuments gathered in the area, though the crowd was described as mostly peaceful, with the exception of some shouting between the two sides. Opponents have argued that the removal of the monuments is an affront to the South’s heritage, while supporters say the statues from the pro-slavery Confederate era have no place in today’s society. The city’s initiative to take down the monuments began in 2015, though opponents put up a legal fight and kept the plans in limbo until recently. A monument to a Confederate-era white paramilitary organization was taken down on April 24, followed by a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis on May 11. Authorities plan to dismantle a memorial to General Robert E. Lee next, though they have not yet released a date for the removal.
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NBC: Feds Subpoena Manafort
Federal investigators have issued a subpoena for records relating to former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, NBC News reports. The subpoena reportedly pertains to a $3.5 million Hamptons home Manafort purchased shortly after leaving the Trump campaign last August. Manafort does not appear to have paid any taxes on the house. NBC News estimates that Manafort should owe $36,750 in taxes on the property. Manafort took out a loan for the home under the shell company Summerbreeze LLC, which he registered Aug. 19, 2016, the same day he resigned from the Trump campaign following allegations that he received millions of dollars from a pro-Russia group in Ukraine. Manafort’s loan agreement on the home was made with Spruce Capital, an investment firm whose co-founder has partnered on real-estate deals with President Trump, NBC News reports. Spruce Capital is partially funded by Alexander Rovt, a Ukrainian-American developer who attempted to donate $10,000 to Trump’s presidential campaign in violation of campaign-finance regulations.
South Korea Wants to Renew Dialogue With Pyongyang
South Korea says it wants to renew communications with the North in a bid to get the Pyongyang regime to rein in its missile program. The news comes as newly elected South Korean President Moon Jae-in urges dialogue in addition to sanctions against North Korea for its series of missile and nuclear tests. “Our most basic stance is that communication lines between South and North Korea should open,” said Lee Duk-haeng, a spokesman for South Korea’s Unification Ministry. Communications between the two countries were halted by Pyongyang last year after the North was hit with new United Nations economic sanctions. While the South says it is ready to talk, U.S. and Japanese officials have said any dialogue won’t be effective unless North Korean leader Kim Jong Un gives a sign of good faith and halts the country’s nuclear program first. After its latest missile launch on Sunday, North Korea boasted that the missile used was capable of carrying a “large-size nuclear warhead,” a remark that triggered alarm among members of the United Nations Security Council.
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