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A necessary moment for Anthony Weiner; Trump or Congress can still block Robert Mueller. I know. I wrote the rules.; Will Republicans ever rein in Trump? Only when this happens.; Biden disses Clinton: ‘I never thought she was a great candidate. I thought I was a great candidate.’; After Chris Cornell’s death: ‘Only Eddie Vedder is left. Let that sink in.’; Embassies court Ivanka Trump to build a relationship with her father’s administration; The guardrails can’t contain Trump; Don’t underestimate Trump; Comey prepared extensively for his conversations with Trump; Appointment of Mueller could complicate other probes into alleged Russian meddling; Why these researchers think dinosaurs were minutes away from surviving extinction; He was paralyzed in a shooting, but she still wanted to marry him. Now that future is gone.; Was Erdogan personally involved in his bodyguards’ attacks on protesters in D.C.?; Chinese fighters buzz U.S. surveillance plane, underlining strategic mistrust; The stench of a corrupt president wafts into Virginia and beyond; Her obituary was missing one painful fact: She was a family’s slave
Democracy Dies in Darkness
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The Fix •  Analysis
A necessary moment for Anthony Weiner
Guffaw-worthy. Cynical. Just plain puzzling. Gross. Criminal. And totally impactful.
PostEverything •  Perspective
Trump or Congress can still block Robert Mueller. I know. I wrote the rules.
How politics could trip up the new special counsel
The Plum Line •  Opinion
Will Republicans ever rein in Trump? Only when this happens.
Here are two nightmare scenarios for the GOP that could force action.
The Fix •  Analysis
Biden disses Clinton: ‘I never thought she was a great candidate. I thought I was a great candidate.’
Clinton supporters won’t love that quote. But is it wrong?
Embassies court Ivanka Trump to build a relationship with her father’s administration
Ivanka Trump, in turn, has used foreign nations’ interest to help soften her father’s rough edges amid uncertainty over his foreign policy.
The guardrails can’t contain Trump
But removing him by way of the 25th Amendment would be the most destabilizing event in American political history.
Don’t underestimate Trump
He may be down, but he’s far from out.
Comey prepared extensively for his conversations with Trump
Associates say the FBI director fielded practice questions in advance of meetings and wrote highly detailed notes afterward in his car.
Appointment of Mueller could complicate other probes into alleged Russian meddling
Some lawmakers worry their committee investigations will be pushed aside for special counsel’s inquiry.
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The Fix •  Analysis
The White House’s absolutely brutal night, in 6 headlines
Breaking down all the new developments.
•   Perspective | Trump can’t stop talking about the Russia probe — even if continuing might hurt him
•   Analysis | Vice President Pence has a growing credibility problem
•   Analysis | Trump blames the special counsel on everyone except those most responsible: Russia and Trump
•   Vice President Pence avoids political fray surrounding him
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Watching the downfall of a generation of Washington Republicans
When the party looks for leadership, where will it turn?
•   I wrote ‘The Art of the Deal’ with Trump. His self-sabotage is rooted in his past.
•   Trump thinks he’s under attack. That’s very dangerous.
•   Trump is totally delusional about what’s happening to him right now
•   On the bright side, Trump has created all this chaos himself
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Stephen A. Smith debated Trump’s tweets with Ted Nugent on Fox News
Because why wouldn’t that happen? Especially on “The Fox News Specialists,” which has featured some unusual bookings.
•   The sad saga of thoroughbred D.J. Trump, Donald Trump’s lone foray into horse racing
•   Bucs sign Ryan Fitzpatrick as NFL teams continue to avoid Colin Kaepernick
•   After two ACL tears, Joshua Holsey gave football one last shot. Now he’s in the NFL with the Redskins.
•   Don’t drink the water: CDC says diarrhea-inducing parasite on the rise in U.S. pools
Also Popular in National
Chaffetz to resign, raising doubts about Trump probe
Rep. Jason Chaffetz announced Thursday he will resign from Congress next month, saying a “mid-life crisis” had compelled him to step away from his chairmanship of the House Oversight Committee just as it is poised to investigate President Donald Trump’s firing of the FBI director.
•   ‘Hitler Street’ and swastika landscaping: A New York enclave’s hidden Nazi past
•   Anthony Weiner, disgraced former congressman, pleads guilty in ‘sexting’ case involving minor
•   ‘They didn’t have to kill him’: Miss. carjackers fatally shoot 6-year-old, police say
•   Spicer in the bushes. Now, Comey in the drapes. What is this, ‘Veep’?
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•   House majority leader to colleagues in 2016: ‘I think Putin pays’ Trump
•   Sweden drops Assange rape allegation, but Britain says WikiLeaks founder still faces arrest
•   First stop on Trump’s first official trip overseas signals Saudi Arabia’s importance
•   Analysis | Trump once denounced Saudi Arabia as extremist. Now he’s heading there to promote moderate Islam.
•   European leaders fear Trump’s political chaos is undermining U.S. power
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•   U.S. could get first paid family leave benefit under Trump budget proposal
•   Thanks to global warming, Antarctica is beginning to turn green
•   What the world’s most avid pizza box collector thinks of Apple’s patented pizza box
•   Perspective | The one number that shows Wall Street’s faith in Trump is imploding
•   Lucky Charms cannot find the magic in natural ingredients — so it’s going full-on sugar bomb
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•   FCC votes to start rolling back landmark net neutrality rules
•   NSA officials worried about the day its potent hacking tool would get loose. Then it did.
•   The hacking group that leaked NSA secrets claims it has data on foreign nuclear programs
•   Google’s focus on AI means it will get even deeper into our lives
•   Facebook will pay $122 million in fines to the E.U.
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•   Misery is being Paul Ryan
•   Many publicly mourned Roger Ailes, but the silence was deafening, too
•   Perspective | Ask Amy: Extramarital relationship leads to Hail Mary pass
•   Chris Cornell’s family believes prescription drugs may have caused his death
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•   Perspective | Sure, Time magazine’s ‘bold’ new Trump cover is a totally tired cliche. Should that matter?
•   Perspective | How one cartoonist perfectly captured President Trump’s infamous Russia meeting
•   Review | If serials are the new way to solve mysteries, maybe ‘The Keepers’ can help close the case of Sister Cathy
•   My book went out of print, but I have a plan to revive it
•   Washington Ballet unrolls a season of world premieres and masterworks
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