Politics P.M.: Democrats predict a Trump sellout on NAFTA

Paul Ryan says House’s work will continue despite Trump controversies | Sponsored by Uber
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Democrats predict a Trump sellout on NAFTA
Trade, the issue that Trump used to cleave reliably Democratic voters away from Hillary Clinton last year, could be a weakness for his administration.
Paul Ryan says House’s work will continue despite Trump controversies
Speaker sought to project an aura of calm as a growing sense of scandal engulfs the White House.
Trump to hold news conference at White House as political crisis deepens
President could face questions on role of special prosecutor to take over Russia investigation.
A month of breaking news alerts, visualized
The flood of news is matched by a flood of alerts.
Pence says Trump remains focused on policy priorities, including tax cuts
The vice president made only a passing reference to the crises consuming the White House.
The political rift on drug laws, illustrated in one tweet
Sen. Ben Sasse’s joke about marijuana inadvertently highlights the far-right politics of his party’s president.
Whether Rosenstein’s closed-door briefing will include classified information is unclear
Some wonder if the GOP is trying to shield the public from more damning information about Trump’s decision to oust the FBI director.
Jason Chaffetz set to announce he will leave Congress in June
The chairman of the House oversight panel has requested documents and testimony concerning President Trump’s alleged interference in an FBI investigation.
The Daily 202: Special counsel Robert Mueller is bad news for Trump’s embattled White House
Deputy attorney general trying to salvage his own reputation
Trump claims to be victim of ‘witch hunt’ following appointment of special counsel in Russia case
In early morning tweets, Trump — without evidence — pointed to “the illegal acts” he claimed occurred during Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and President Barack Obama’s administration.
Trump awards himself a new trophy for victimhood
Evaluating his claim to be the target of the “single greatest witch hunt” in history.
The Health 202: White House drama threatens to upstage health-care efforts
The Senate could maybe use a little less spotlight.
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