Why Lateral Moves are Important to Your Career Growth

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Why Lateral Moves are Important to Your Career Growth

For a long time people saw career moves in stark terms, any direction but up, was down. Today, the world has changed and many workers now know that progress can be made even when your career veers sideways in the form of a lateral career move. "The stigma of lateral moves has largely faded away," says Joanne Cleaver author of The Career Lattice[wilson-taylorassoc.com]. The recent economic recession helped to normalize lateral moves. Companies, scrambling to keep employees, instead of laying them off, moved many into alternative positions to keep them in the company until the economy improved, she says. But even in an improved economy, lateral moves still have benefits. "Lateral career moves can be beneficial to your career when done strategically," says Vicki Salemi, a career expert for Monster. "It’s a form of pivoting—if you don’t want to continue on the path of your current job and because it’s not the best fit for your skill set, interests or culturally, making a lateral move can set you on the right path." Click to Read More…
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