Opinions P.M.: The president is not a child. He’s something worse.

Here’s how Trump could survive — even if we learn the worst | Sponsored by Uber
Opinions P.M.
The president is not a child. He’s something worse.
Children can learn.
Here’s how Trump could survive — even if we learn the worst
A conversation with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) about where the probes into Trump are going.
Ben Sasse’s new book is meant to show he’s not a typical politician. Oops?
The Nebraska senator emerged as a principled star during the 2016 election. His new book on parenting suggests he has a ways to go to become something truly radical.
Let’s be clear about what the 25th Amendment does and doesn’t do
Ross Douthat tells us how NOT to remove Trump.
Why the GOP could face 2018 with nothing to show for it, despite total control
They thought it would be a legislative smorgasbord. So why can’t they get anything done?
Donald Trump finds his presidency hanging by a high thread count
As his explanations become more threadbare.
Is checking out visitors at home with gun behind your back ‘disorderly conduct’?
No, says the North Dakota Supreme Court.
Won’t anyone rise up and challenge Trump?
The burden is on you, Sen. Burr. Don’t let democracy down.
Final version of ‘The Effect of Legislation on Fourth Amendment Protection’
My article on whether Fourth Amendment interpretation should consider privacy legislation — and if so, how — has just been published.
Jeff Jacoby on Confederate Army and Red Army statues
“In a society liberated from tyrannical cruelty, monuments to the tyrants have no place.”
Putin has found his perfect ‘useful idiots’
The Russian president is trolling Trump and the GOP.
My new article on “Immigration, Freedom, and the Constitution”
The article is based on a talk I gave at the 2016 Federalist Society Student National Convention.
America came to a fork in the road and wow, did we take it. Now we have to see if we can take it back.
Last exit before disaster.
Why impeaching Trump is no longer out of the question
Trump dug his own political grave.
Trump has given Putin the best gift he could ask for
It has become much more difficult to argue that our democracy is an example for other countries.
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