Wednesday’s Opinions: Trump’s disclosures to the Russians might actually have been illegal

Trump’s presidency is beginning to unravel; Trump just can’t seem to stop telling the truth | Sponsored by Uber
Democracy Dies in Darkness
Russian Foreign Ministry Handout / EPA
Trump’s disclosures to the Russians might actually have been illegal
Does anyone care?
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Trump’s presidency is beginning to unravel
His love-hate relationship with intelligence agencies must change now.
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Trump just can’t seem to stop telling the truth
Lies appear to bore him, even when told in his defense.
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Joe Biden: Americans must stand with LGBT people around the world
LGBT rights have made progress around the world, but important work remains.
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Former CIA director: Trump proves he’s Russia’s ‘useful fool’
In intelligence, disclosing facts effectively discloses their source.
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Trump can do whatever he wants. God help us.
Trump’s national security adviser presents a frighteningly expansive view of executive authority.
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Trump’s new FDA commissioner has a huge decision to make
Scott Gottlieb has to show whose side he’s on: Consumers’ or drug companies’.
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The city so beautiful, you forget about Trump
When spring is here, New York opens its doors and spills out onto the sidewalks.
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The dangerous distrust between Trump and the national security agencies
This crisis will weaken our ability to protect U.S. interests around the globe and put vital international cooperation at risk.
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Economist Allan Meltzer, 1928-2017
Meltzer played a crucial role in abandoning policies that led to rising inflation in the late 1960s and ’70s.
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The U.S. will never win the war in Afghanistan
Trump should keep his promise to get us out.
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Editorial Cartoons
Trump to tweet next that he never liked that big ol’ desk anyway Imagine all this with a different president
And he never used those nuclear codes either. Still think sexism had nothing to do with the election results?
The Post’s View
The country needs to hear from James Comey
News of a memo pushes the Trump-Russia probe to a new level of urgency.
The ‘global gag rule’ on abortion just got much bigger — and much worse
The administration has expanded the policy that withholds U.S. funding from foreign health organizations that provide or promote abortion.
Trump can’t be trusted with sensitive information — and now the world knows
The president’s disclosure of highly classified information to the Russians could have far-reaching consequences.
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Attempt to vanish articles about North Carolina local school board member’s (now expunged) 2011 arrest
The board member is Sherry Lynn Womack, who is also the wife of Jim Womack, a N.C. politician who is running for chair of the N.C. Republican Party.
Trump made Pence and Sessions leave before he talked to Comey. What was he hiding?
This is the kind of conversation that rational, experienced presidents know not to have.
Comey may have gotten his man
He may have the goods to get the job done.
Happy Hour Roundup
Our nightly wrap-up of news and opinion.
The worst excuses ever
How to child-proof the Oval Office?
Trump’s overseas trip must be canceled. The risks are too great.
What in the world are Trump’s handlers thinking?
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