Opinions P.M.: Trump’s staff coddles him with hand-picked ‘news.’ Here’s why that invites disaster.

A shake-up may make things worse | Sponsored by Morgan Stanley
Opinions P.M.
Trump’s staff coddles him with hand-picked ‘news.’ Here’s why that invites disaster.
Be. Very. Afraid. No. Really.
A shake-up may make things worse
The boss needs to go, not the workers
This is what it looks like when the media gives Trump exactly what he wants
Fox News’s Jeanine Pirro might be willing to act as the president’s agony aunt, but real journalists can’t.
A critical non-decision from the Supreme Court
Bad news for voting fraud hysterics.
Despite today’s Supreme Court ruling, the future looks grim for voting rights
A new wave of vote-suppression laws could be on its way.
Act Four Live: Pop culture with Alyssa Rosenberg (May 15)
A chat about the best and worst in pop culture and why the stories we love mean so much to us.
Did someone actually say White House tapes?
Where have we heard that before?
Fox News undermines a free, independent press
Why do Fox News’s real journalists put up with it?
Trump wants to treat Middle East peace like a real estate deal. That’s arrogant thinking.
Trump seems to have already missed an obvious obstacle that may stand in the way of the peace process.
If Trump is going to engage Russia, he should do so on this topic
The need to stand up for human rights there is urgent.
Who needs a free press?
President Trump says he might end the daily White House press briefings.
Three sentences worth contemplating
A look at the meaning of three sentences in the news that are likely to make it into the history books.
Day by day, Trump becomes more dishonest and disliked
He isn’t “getting away” with his habitual dissembling.
A new constitutional law casebook for our unsettled age
Why I joined a constitutional law casebook, which puts the Constitution back into constitutional law.
Even the ‘good guys’ don’t look so good
Trump corrupts one Republican after another.
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