Monday’s Opinions: How Trump could lead on human rights. Really.

The amateurish autocrat; Globalization’s ill effects have been wildly exaggerated | Sponsored by Morgan Stanley
Democracy Dies in Darkness
Susan Walsh / AP
How Trump could lead on human rights. Really.
The president has an opportunity to carve out a reputation as a fierce defender of Americans abroad.
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The amateurish autocrat
Many of Trump’s moves have been inept, but his recent actions have been frightening.
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Globalization’s ill effects have been wildly exaggerated
The U.S. has some legitimate trade gripes, but frustration should not indict the entire trading system
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Preet Bharara: Are there still public servants who will say no to the president?
James Comey stood up the chief executive when it counted. Others must do the same to restore faith in the rule of law.
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Editorial Cartoons
In the Trump and the Republicans movie, the story line seems somehow familiar The little king is angry
Seemed like a good idea at the time. President Trump blows his top and fires FBI Director James B. Comey, apparently over the continued attention to the investigation of Trump associates and their Russian connections.
The Post’s View
Police shooting into cars too often ends in tragedy
We need changes in policy and training to prevent further pointless casualties.
What Mr. Trump should say in his toughest meeting yet with a foreign leader
Mr. Erdogan is on the wrong track. The president should say so.
Too many children are killed for insurance money. Here’s how states can stop it.
Washington and New York are taking the lead on imposing new standards and procedures.
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‘Silicon Valley,’ Season 4, Episode 4 Review: ‘Teambuilding Exercise’
An underlooked character gets a moment in the spotlight.
Kentucky court rejects government attempt to punish printer for refusing to print ‘Lexington [Gay] Pride Festival’ T-shirt
Say that the Westboro Baptist Church comes to a printer — a printer who supports gay rights, or who is gay himself, or who just thinks the Westboro belief system is appalling — and demands that he print a “Westboro Baptist Church Pride” T-shirt. Should the government be able to punish the printer for refusing, on the theory that this constituted impermissible religious discrimination in public accommodations?
Sunday wrap
Who said what about whom?
The next FBI director
We don’t need a new one right now.
Distinguished person of the week
Who stood out?
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