Opinions P.M.: Trump’s ‘tapes’ tweet is too much. Hasn’t the GOP had enough?

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Opinions P.M.
Trump’s ‘tapes’ tweet is too much. Hasn’t the GOP had enough?
Sticking with the tribe vs. simple truth-telling.
What is power — and how can you get it?
Eric Liu provides a guide for activists of all political persuasions.
A new report says Trump demanded Comey’s loyalty. That could be devastating.
Comey must be asked about all these matters by Congress. If not, he should address them himself.
Where headhunting once thrived natives now gather before communal televisions
Alex Shoumatoff explores the range of environmental and cultural devastation in Borneo.
Pro-Trump Republicans will get nothing, not even retention of a House majority
Republicans cling to a sinking ship.
Aha! Trump has just defined what a firing offense is! Being a ‘showboat’!
He has drawn his red line.
Tracing his family’s migration from the rural south to the big cities of the north.
Bruce Haynes recounts the glories and heartaches of a black family on the move.
Trump’s commission on ‘election integrity’ could instead restrict voting
A panel packed with partisans, on the hunt for evidence of a virtually nonexistent problem, won’t fix U.S. elections.
It took awhile, but I found a movie worse than ‘Batman v. Superman’
Guy Ritchie’s “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” is very, very terrible.
One American doctor’s bold plan to fix a global health care crisis
It begins with medical training. ‘A Surgeon in the Village’ chronicles one surgeon’s hands-on approach.
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