Opinions P.M.: The shame of Trump not seeing what’s wrong with firing Comey

The top priority after Comey’s firing | Sponsored by UnitedHealth Group
Opinions P.M.
The shame of Trump not seeing what’s wrong with firing Comey
Stable democracies don’t behave this way.
The top priority after Comey’s firing
Trump’s dismissal of the FBI director has tainted the credibility of the Russia probe.
Stephen Colbert’s vulgar Trump joke isn’t punishable by the FCC (and the FCC hasn’t launched an investigation into it)
“Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., … a station may air indecent and/or profane material,” the FCC policy states.
Why President Trump can’t win
The president has set himself up for constant controversy and disappointment.
Irish police drop blasphemy investigation of noted comedian Stephen Fry
The police ‘were unable to find a substantial number of … people’ ‘outraged’ by Fry’s remarks (which said that God, if he existed, would be “utterly monstrous”).
Rich parents get away with not vaccinating their children. Poor ones don’t.
Poor parents rarely get the benefit of the doubt. Why the double standard?
‘We won’t really know how to interpret the Comey firing until we know whom Trump nominates to replace him’
Sound advice from Professor Dan Farber at Berkeley Law School, a noted liberal constitutional scholar and no supporter of President Trump.
How Trump’s isolation is making the Russia scandal worse
No guiding ideology, no commitments, no respect for institutions. It’s all about Trump, and that’s the problem.
The Tuesday Afternoon Massacre
New York judge Joan Kenney holding closed-door hearings so reporters won’t ‘humiliate’ her?
Court hearings must generally be open to the public, absent good reason — and it’s hard to see any good reason here.
Comey should have been out long ago
James Comey is out at the FBI, and a lot of people in Washington are shocked – but others, not so much. My question is, what took President Trump so long?
An obvious way to fight the opioid epidemic — and make doctors’ lives easier
Forcing doctors to check prescription histories could help ease the opioid crisis.
Will robots steal all our jobs?
Not if history is any guide, a new study reminds us.
The Daily Spicer: Bushes edition
From the shadows, Spicer improvises, and that’s always a dark exercise.
Donald Trump apparently thinks people will believe anything. Oh, wait, he talked them into electing him.
Is this country great again, or what?
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