Wonkbook: You’re not getting a raise, and nobody knows why

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Bloomingdale’s employees and their supporters rally for wage increases in New York. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images) By Ana Swanson The economy today has almost everything experts look for as a sign of health — new jobs are popping up around the country, the unemployment rate has fallen to the lowest level in a decade, and consumer and business confidence is high. But one thing that really matters for workers has been stubbornly absent: strong wage growth. The pay that workers take home has risen a little since the depths of the recession, but not much. Once you factor in inflation, wages growth is so low that workers are hardly better off than they were a year ago. Over the past year, average hourly earnings have risen just 2.5 percent, according to Friday’s report on April job growth. The trend is disappointing — and somewhat surprising. Read the rest on Wonkblog.

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