Wednesday’s Opinions: Maxine Waters: Jeff Sessions believes ‘it’s his job to keep minorities in their place’

The Comey debacle only magnifies the Russia mystery; Comey’s dismissal may turn the anti-Trump wave into a tsunami | Sponsored by UnitedHealth Group
Democracy Dies in Darkness
Maxine Waters: Jeff Sessions believes ‘it’s his job to keep minorities in their place’
“We have to watch him, we have to keep an eye on him, and be prepared to push back.”
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The Comey debacle only magnifies the Russia mystery
Trump’s firing of the FBI director looks like it will backfire.
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Comey’s dismissal may turn the anti-Trump wave into a tsunami
The timing of his firing of James Comey proves he’s a tin-pot tyrant.
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Comey’s firing should make all of us ‘mildly nauseous’
Maybe the action was warranted, but the timing is deeply suspicious.
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Sally Yates and Condoleezza Rice are do-right women in a do-wrong world
They exhibit an old-fashioned trait called competence.
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What American progressives should learn from France’s Macron
His vision for reform addressed the fact that government should be responsive to citizens equally.
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Jimmy Carter: Trump is right. Canada’s lumber trade practices are unfair.
Our neighbor to the north has an advantage that needs to go.
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Trump and the fraternal order of exclusivity
This guy is in love with the executive order. It fills his insatiable need to be on the front page every day.
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Trump’s budget betrays his supporters. Here’s one that doesn’t.
This is the year for the People’s Budget.
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