Politics: Comey’s removal sparks fears about future of Russia probe

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Comey’s removal sparks fears about future of Russia probe
While career agents are working the case, legislators are intensifying their calls for an independent probe.
HUD boss Carson sings a new tune about federal workers as finalists are honored for their good works
After Comey’s ouster, Democrats press for independent probe of Russia’s meddling in election
Claiming “constitutional crisis,” some senators may aim to bring congressional business to a halt.
At raucous town hall, Rep. Dave Brat struggles to speak above the jeers
From start to finish, the audience was furious over Brat’s vote for GOP health care bill
How authoritarianism is shaping American politics (and it’s not just about Trump)
Partisanship and authoritarianism are increasingly intertwined. This started well before 2016.
Kamala D. Harris’s claim that 129 million people with preexisting conditions ‘could be denied coverage’
The California Democrat uses a rather high figure to blast a narrow provision of the House GOP health plan.
After Trump fired Comey, his staff scrambled to explain why
“Just turn the lights off. Turn the lights off,” Sean Spicer said as he emerged from shadowy bushes on the White House grounds.
Trump to sit down with Russian foreign minister, one day after firing Comey
The sit-down between Trump and Lavrov will be the first face-to-face contact the president has had with a senior official of the Russian government.
Comey firing: Reaction from members of Congress on FBI director’s dismissal
Rounding up reaction from Capitol Hill.
Comey timeline: Everything that led up to his firing
Key dates concerning Comey.
Tuesday night firing of Comey: ‘Nixonian’ or uniquely Trumpian?
Within minutes, the words “Saturday Night Massacre” swept across a stunned capital.
Republican reactions to the firing of James B. Comey, ranked
How likely is Trump’s party to rebel? A look at what they’re saying.
The shocking firing of James B. Comey puts new pressure on Trump and his team
After the surprise dismissal, the president will face renewed pressure for a special prosecutor to take over the Russia investigation.
‘This terrifies me’: Ex-Clinton aides slam Trump’s firing of FBI director Comey
Democrats said Comey botched the Clinton email probe but was dismissed for political reasons.
Here’s how unusual it is for an FBI director to be fired
It has only happened one other time.
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