Opinions P.M.: If Republicans don’t stand up to Trump on Russia, they’re helping him undermine our democracy

Sally Yates is not an enemy to Republicans | Sponsored by UnitedHealth Group
Opinions P.M.
If Republicans don’t stand up to Trump on Russia, they’re helping him undermine our democracy
Republicans continue to look the other way while the White House undermines probes into Russian meddling.
Sally Yates is not an enemy to Republicans
She did the Trump administration and the country a good service by doing what she did.
Custody decision discriminated based on religiosity, sexual history
The trial judge discussed “the details of the child’s Catholic baptism, the husband’s Catholic background, and the wife’s lack of religious affiliation,” as well as “the wife’s sexual activity and abortion before she met the husband …, and the wife’s sexual activity after the separation.”
Jimmy Carter: Trump is right. Canada’s lumber trade practices are unfair.
Our neighbor to the north has an advantage that needs to go.
Republicans are running from the AHCA
Republicans’ health-care effort is indefensible.
Some aspects of the Michael Flynn scandal are beyond explaining
As is the backstory.
Eugene Robinson Live (May 9)
Eugene Robinson discussed his latest columns and political news.
James Comey is desperate to keep his image intact
And that’s precisely what makes him vulnerable to political pressure.
In defense of millennials living with Mom and Dad
Be careful before you indict an entire generation.
The content crisis of local news
Gannett executive wants stories that’ll effect change and fetch big audiences. Good local news doesn’t always do that.
Courts in federal countries: the US case
The US Supreme Court has, overall, constrained the states more than the federal government, thereby limiting local autonomy. But it has also promoted an important form of decentralization by protecting individual rights against both federal and state power.
In six words, Rupert Murdoch explains the sickness of Fox News
Ratings are strong, so everything’s fine!
Trump’s climate-change denial rattles U.S. businesses
Science deniers isolated on Paris accord.
Centralizing and decentralizing trends on federal high courts
In our edited volume, Courts in Federal Countries: Federalists or Unitarists? (2017), we find the high courts of Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, and the United States to be generally centralist. The courts of Canada, India, South Africa, and Spain are mostly though not consistently centralist, while the Belgian and German high courts are rather consistently balanced between unitarism and federalism. Ethiopia and Switzereland are unique cases.
ComPost Live with Alexandra Petri
The Compost, written by Alexandra Petri, offers a lighter take on the news and political in(s)anity of the day.
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