Politics: Obama warned Trump against hiring Flynn as national security adviser, officials say

Gun ownership used to be bipartisan. Not anymore. | Sponsored by UnitedHealth Group
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Obama warned Trump against hiring Flynn as national security adviser, officials say
Obama apparently delivered his warning on Nov. 10, two days after the election, in a private conversation with Trump.
Gun ownership used to be bipartisan. Not anymore.
The “gun gap” in American politics is growing larger and larger.
Trump’s pointing of the finger at Obama for failing to vet Flynn
The president and his aides claim that Obama gave a security clearance to Flynn. But there’s less than meets the eye.
Iowa congressman walks out of a TV interview and into an angry town hall meeting
Rod Blum then tells The Post that the GOP health-care bill “isn’t a repeal and replace. This is Obamacare 2.0.”
In South Carolina special election, Democrats try for another GOP House seat
The twist in Mick Mulvaney’s old district is that it is more heavily African American than it is suburban — a demographic that the party has struggled to turn out.
Full transcript: Sally Yates and James Clapper testify on Russian election interference
The former acting attorney general testified at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.
President Trump’s lawyers on revised travel ban repeatedly asked about campaign promises
The 4th Circuit considers the legality of the entry ban that opponents say discriminates against Muslims.
Ex-McConnell chief of staff McGuire joining law and lobbying firm Brownstein Hyatt
He is being named policy director at the company.
House Republicans struggle with costs of tax overhaul
The GOP faces a choice between the steepest cuts and a balanced budget.
Senators criticize visa program pushed by Jared Kushner’s sister in China
Offer of visas for $500,000 investment in a Kushner company property is a “stark conflict of interest,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein.
Trump plans to meet incoming French president Macron in Brussels this month
The president personally congratulated Macron in a phone call on Monday.
Meet @Trumphop, retweeting Trump’s old tweets on the date and time he first posted them
The effect is often jarring.
Democrats launch ads against pro-AHCA Republicans
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched 15-second Web ads in 10 at-risk Republican districts.
A lot of Republican rhetoric on health care this weekend may haunt the party in 2018
Attempts to minimize the effects of an unpopular bill.
The Daily 202: Ivanka Trump’s life of privilege undermines the credibility of her new book’s message
A lack of self-awareness highlights the decline of the American meritocracy
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