Opinions P.M.: Do high-risk pools work? It depends.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson demagogued a rape case involving immigrants. Then they were cleared. | Sponsored by UnitedHealth Group
Opinions P.M.
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Do high-risk pools work? It depends.
Before Obamacare, Maryland had a well-functioning pool. California didn’t.
Fox News’s Tucker Carlson demagogued a rape case involving immigrants. Then they were cleared.
Maryland prosecutors drop charges against pair accused of heinous act.
The AHCA dampens GOP Senate aspirations
GOP Senate candidates had such high hopes for 2018
Russia is still waging cyberwar against Western democracy. It’s time to push back.
Russia’s efforts to subvert Western democracy will continue until the Kremlin pays a price.
Senate Republicans must be pinned down on health care. Here’s how.
Don’t assume they’ll come up with something more humane than the House until they answer these questions.
Macron’s victory shows why it’s time to stop panicking about Europe
The popular doom-and-gloom narrative about the E.U. has proved to be overblown.
Trump’s idea of a public/private partnership is a family business run from the White House
And it’s a yuge deal, because it’s a yuge family.
Act Four Live: Pop culture with Alyssa Rosenberg (May 8)
A chat about the best and worst in pop culture and why the stories we love mean so much to us.
The Democrats aren’t being honest about health care
Enough with the left’s drama and faux anguish. Obamacare wasn’t popular, and it isn’t today.
Trump’s attack on sanctuary cities isn’t for their residents’ benefit
It’s a dangerous charade
Le Pen’s defeat is good news for Trump
It is a mistake to read the French election as a rejection of Trump or his agenda.
China’s smear campaign against a U.S. admiral backfires
Beijing has been smearing the head of U.S. Pacific Command for years, but now the Chinese are denying that they want Trump to dump him.
France continues populists’ losing streak
France rejects the National Front
Courts in Federal Countries: Federalists or Unitarists?
Many factors shape the jurisprudence of high courts in federal countries, including, among others, history, political parties, degree of constitutional non-centralization, ethnically or linguistically distinct constituent units, whether the federation is integrative or devolutionary, and whether it is based on multiple demoi or a single demos.
The health bill is a total disaster. That’s why Republicans keep lying about it.
Why won’t Republicans defend what it is they actually voted for?
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