Monday’s Opinions: Taiwan arms deal in limbo as Trump courts China

China is bent on world domination — but not in the way you think; Trump’s low-growth trap | Sponsored by UnitedHealth Group
Democracy Dies in Darkness
Taiwan arms deal in limbo as Trump courts China
With Beijing’s role in North Korea negotiations top of mind, some U.S. officials fear a key small arms package could fall by the wayside.
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China is bent on world domination — but not in the way you think
Can Trump translate his earlier skepticism into smart trade policy?
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Trump’s low-growth trap
Countries aren’t growing as fast as they used to, and economists worry about the political fallout.
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Macron won — now comes the hard part
The new French president ran as a confident advocate of pluralism and openness, and he will instantly become a global voice for those values.
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Editorial Cartoons
Donald Trump doesn’t want to be called a loser, so keep those thoughts to yourself The barometer of a free press
He can spot opportunity where some don’t even look. My speech at the Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom luncheon.
The Post’s View
Same-sex marriage is the law of the land. A Kentucky judge must have missed that.
His bias against an entire group renders him unfit to serve.
Neither side is really right on offshore drilling
Both Mr. Trump and environmental activists are overstating their case.
Puerto Rico has officially gone bankrupt. In a way, that’s good news.
After an initial bout of shared sacrifice it should be able to rekindle economic growth.
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Here come Trump’s judges: President to put forward more strong judicial nominees
President Trump follows the confirmation of Justice Gorsuch with an impressive list of lower court nominees. Expect more to follow.
Sunday wrap
Who said what about whom?
Jon Ossoff may have won Georgia’s 6th District this past week
His opponent, Karen Handel, could be the first AHCA casualty.
Comedian Stephen Fry facing blasphemy investigation in Ireland
“A well-placed source said it was ‘highly unlikely’ that a prosecution would take place,” but even investigations can be a substantial deterrent (especially to other speakers, who are less prominent than Fry).
Distinguished pol of the week
Who stood out?
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