Find Your Affordable, Long-Haul Escape✈️


Find Your Affordable, Long-Haul Escape

Hello Travellers… If you think planning a proper overseas holiday requires a year’s salary when you’re dealing in rands, you’re wrong.  The concept of bucket-list holidays has adapted to include shorter, more budget-friendly escapes that are equally as memorable and certainly twice as effective. We’re not saying avoid the dollar or euro-destinations entirely – but merely suggesting a broader selection of spots to consider spending your hard earned cash on. Marisa Crous admits saving for a holiday can be as daunting as trying to lose weight or heading out on a blind date – click here to read how she breaks down saving for that unique Euro trip, in a way that could see you acting like an Amalfi local come December. And why not consider off-season Japan on the cheap or how about making the most of stop-over, hotspot Dubai on a budget? SA industry flight booking experts have also helped us whack the odds of where to go for an affordable long-haul break. These 18 spots are a hot favourite – but don’t book until you’ve read these flight saving tips. Check your passport validity and then get ready to explore. Enjoy! Selene 


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