Politics P.M.: Donald Trump is his administration’s own worst enemy

Lawmakers to Trump: Turn over transcript of meeting with Russians | Sponsored by Uber
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Donald Trump is his administration’s own worst enemy
Detailing the White House’s self-inflicted wounds, four months in.
Lawmakers to Trump: Turn over transcript of meeting with Russians
The GOP has shown few signs of discord, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he wished the White House would produce “less drama.”
Translating McMaster’s rhetoric on the Russia-leak story
The national security adviser confirmed key facts in the Post article while pretending to deny it. Here’s a guide to the rhetoric.
Cornyn, Senate majority whip, withdraws from FBI director consideration
The decision followed several days of resistance from his Republican colleagues.
The electoral college gave Trump top-secret security clearance. Here’s how it works for everyone else.
A look at the vetting that normally applies.
McMaster: Trump’s sharing of sensitive intelligence with Russia was ‘wholly appropriate’
Trump’s tweets contradicted earlier denials from White House officials.
What the White House has said about the classified information story — and what it hasn’t
Parsing some careful wording.
Can a president share classified information?
Greg Jaffe, one of The Post reporters who broke news of Trump revealing classified information to Russian diplomats, is on the show to explain presidential power when it comes to classified information and what happens next in this developing story.
Merrick Garland not interested in FBI job, friends say
Obama’s Supreme Court pick had been suggested for the job by some of the same Senate Republicans who blocked his nomination.
Why would Majority Whip John Cornyn leave the Senate? Because it’s a dead-end job.
The Texas Republican interviewed Saturday for FBI director even as some fellow Republicans said the post should go to someone outside politics.
The Daily 202: Trump’s chaotic White House once again makes a bad story worse
‘Reckless’ disclosure to the Russians is part a pattern of poor judgment
If Democrats don’t win one of three upcoming special elections, how can they take back the majority in 2018?
For GOP, too, there is a sense of urgency that sagging approval ratings threaten the outcome of congressional races in Georgia, Montana and South Carolina.
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