Opinions P.M.: Trump can’t be trusted with sensitive information — and now the world knows

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Opinions P.M.
Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post
Trump can’t be trusted with sensitive information — and now the world knows
The president’s disclosure of highly classified information to the Russians could have far-reaching consequences.
The city so beautiful, you forget about Trump
When spring is here, New York opens its doors and spills out onto the sidewalks.
The best version of ‘Better Call Saul’ is the one that makes fans feel the worst
Fan service pales next to the series’ moral message.
Imagine all this with a different president
Still think sexism had nothing to do with the election results?
Economist Allan Meltzer, 1928-2017
Meltzer played a crucial role in abandoning policies that led to rising inflation in the late 1960s and ’70s.
What would it take for Republican politicians to finally turn on Trump?
Would he have to — gasp — wear a tan suit?
Trump’s new FDA commissioner has a huge decision to make
Scott Gottlieb has to show whose side he’s on: Consumers’ or drug companies’.
Forget the politics. Iran has bigger problems.
Iran’s leaders have led the country into one of the world’s worst water crises.
The upcoming international trip is an opportunity for Trump and his staff
Republicans shoulders are slumping a little right now. A solid, drama-free and serious overseas trip is just what the doctor ordered.
Democrats need to make an economic case against Trump. Are they ready?
The substance and the politics are inextricably intertwined.
Is projecting ‘Pay Trump Bribes Here’ onto a wall of the Trump Hotel a trespass?
Unwanted light, unlike unwanted smell, generally doesn’t qualify as trespass, though in rare cases it might be labeled a legal “nuisance.”
Two reactions, two parties, two ways of governing
Who is acting like a grownup?
The dangerous distrust between Trump and the national security agencies
This crisis will weaken our ability to protect U.S. interests around the globe and put vital international cooperation at risk.
Trump to tweet next that he never liked that big ol’ desk anyway
And he never used those nuclear codes either.
PLO rep: Trump has no Middle East peace plan — and that’s a good thing
As Trump heads off to try for peace, the Palestinians are hopeful he will succeed even if they don’t know how
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