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President Trump is a historically unpopular president at this stage of his presidency. So it kinda makes sense that some of the things Trump really really hates, Americans have started to like. And of late, America is starting to oppose him on some of the biggest issues of his presidency. Like: Trump fires James Comey,  FBI support at record levels A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that Americans see the FBI more positively than at any time over the past two decades. It could be that Americans really really hated former FBI director James B. Comey, and Trump’s firing immediately earned back the public’s support for the nation’s top law enforcement agency. The FBI’s popularity did dip during the 2016 presidential campaign, when their decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her emails was a central story line. Or it could be the opposite. The FBI was regaining some ground in public trust after the campaign, says The Fix’s Aaron Blake, who analyzed the data and who first noticed the Trump-inverse-popularity trend in March. In fact, the FBI’s uptick in support also happened right around the time the world learned the FBI was investigating whether anyone in the president’s circle helped Russia help Trump win. Speaking of .. Trump doesn’t want an independent investigation into Russia. An independent investigation is now very popular Three different polls over the past month or so have found that a solid majority of Americans want either an independent commission (made up of public figures who aren’t members of Congress) or a special prosecutor (usually a private lawyer tasked with investigating wherever the facts lead) to look into Russia meddling.  (Here’s a cheat sheet of all the potential investigations into Russia and Trump.) Just 3 percent (!) in this NBC/WSJ poll don’t want to see any investigation into Russia meddling in the 2016 election. Contrast that with what Trump told NBC News’s Lester Holt last week: Trump wants Obamacare repealed, Americans not so much Trump celebrated in the Rose Garden earlier this month when Republicans took the first step to unwinding Obamacare. But he was doing so after Gallup found that for the first time, a majority of Americans support it (55 percent). President Trump with House Republicans in the Rose Garden on May 4 after the House narrowly pased a controversial health-care bill. (REUTERS/Carlos Barria)
Trump wants a travel ban, a majority of Americans want the courts to exercise power over it Back in January, Trump’s travel ban was reasonably popular — a Quinnipiac poll showed 48 percent supported the broad idea of limiting travelers from “terror prone” regions. But as as TWO versions of his ban have been blocked by courts, an April Post-ABC poll found a majority of Americans think the courts are rightly acting as a check on the president’s powers. Speaking of Trump’s travel ban, Monday is a big moment for it A panel of judges that sit on the federal appeals court that blocked his first version listened to arguments Monday about whether the second version passes constitutional muster. At the heart of the case: What was the intent of the ban? Was it to keep America safe from terrorism? Or was it to ban Muslims from the country, as Trump promised he would do on the campaign trail. Some key lines from the day’s arguments: Has the president “ever disavowed his campaign statements?” asked 9th Circuit Court Judge Michael Daly Hawkins. The Trump administration’s response, from Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall: “We shouldn’t start down the road of psychoanalyzing what people meant on the campaign trail.” Where the ban stands now, a timeline February: The 9th Circuit Court, based in San Francisco, unanimously paused Trump’s first travel ban, though they weren’t sure if there is proof the ban discriminates against Muslims. March: Trump’s team issued a weaker ban, among the main differences, only blocks new visa applicants and cut out Iraq from the ban. Also March: A lower court in Hawaii (or “an island in the Pacific,” according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions) paused that ban nationwide. The Trump administration appealed to the court above Hawaii, which is the 9th Circuit, which brings us to their arguments today. The 4th Circuit Court, based in Virginia, heard arguments last week about the ban as well constitutionality. When this will be over: We probably won’t know for weeks what either appeals court decides. And it’s likely whoever loses will appear to the Supreme Court. So, we’ve got awhile before we know the fate of Trump’s travel ban. Can’t get enough 5-Minute Fix?  Me, on Tuesday at noons now! Starting this Tuesday at noon Eastern, I will be hosting a live chat on The Fix! Ask me questions here any time before noon about politics, journalism, why I like cats over dogs and think Justin Bieber is underrated, and I’ll answer them live every Tuesday at noon at the link above. Looking forward to chatting even more days a week now!
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