Friday’s Opinions: The real test of our tolerance for Trump comes now

The Comey firing reminds us of a bigger danger; It’s impossible not to compare today to Watergate. And our officials are falling short. | Sponsored by UnitedHealth Group
Democracy Dies in Darkness
Jim Lo Scalzo / AP
The real test of our tolerance for Trump comes now
The president’s pick for the next FBI director could trigger a constitutional crisis.
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The Comey firing reminds us of a bigger danger
The courts and the media should not let the president’s aberrations become the new norms.
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It’s impossible not to compare today to Watergate. And our officials are falling short.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein implemented the president’s misguided will.
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Trump seems to be staging a coverup. So what’s the crime?
The president appears to be displaying a “consciousness of guilt.”
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A political ax murder
There were plenty of reasons to fire James Comey — just not the one President Trump has given.
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A survival guide to presidential abuse of power
Americans need to support the institutions that check presidential abuses of power.
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Why getting rid of grades would help rich students — and hurt poor ones
A plan to tamp down grade inflation would likely backfire against students at less-elite institutions.
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A lesson for Trump from President Andrew Johnson
Presidents can survive controversial firings. But only with qualified successors.
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Trump’s next move could make things much better — or much worse
In picking a new FBI director, the president must choose wisely.
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The drugs we use for executions can cause immense pain and suffering
A lethal injection in Arkansas last week was anything but efficient, effective and humane.
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Don’t forget those smiling images of Trump and the Russians
The Russians are comfortable with the president’s greed, his dishonesty and his cynicism about the rights of others.
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Trump is at war with the nation he is supposed to lead
He seems to want to drag the United States down to the level of corruption that thrives in Russia.
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Editorial Cartoons
Mitch McConnell strikes a pose for how history is likely to remember him The little king is angry
A monument to bad judgment. President Trump blows his top and fires FBI Director James B. Comey, apparently over the continued attention to the investigation of Trump associates and their Russian connections.
The Post’s View
The FBI must be protected — from the White House
The White House should not be allowed to export its credibility-destroying dysfunction to the Justice Department and the FBI.
The 2020 Census was in trouble. Now, things look even worse.
The announced resignation of John H. Thompson is just more bad news for an operation already in jeopardy.
A reporter’s arrest after he asked Tom Price a question sends a chilling message
The Capitol Police claim he was “aggressively breaching” Secret Service agents.
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How a former Sony chairman erased an article based on his Sony hack e-mails
“Sony’s former chairman [Michael Lynton] has in recent weeks taken advantage of the troubles that have befallen Gawker in the wake of Hulk Hogan’s stunning $140 million judgment to have an unflattering story about his family quietly wiped from the site’s archives.”
Happy Hour Roundup
Our nightly wrap-up of news and opinion.
The Daily Spicer: Vindication!
No one can do Sean Spicer’s job well. So why not keep him there?
Montana criminal libel investigation for accusing a judge of misbehavior
But the Montana criminal libel statute likely violates the First Amendment.
No good lawyer would have let Trump give Lester Holt this interview
There goes executive privilege.
Trump’s new ‘voter fraud’ commission: A tool to help GOP win elections
Let’s be real about what this “commission” is really designed to accomplish.
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