Politics: Trump said he was thinking of Russia controversy when he decided to fire Comey

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Trump said he was thinking of Russia controversy when he decided to fire Comey
In an interview, Trump made clear it was his idea to fire the ‘showboat’ FBI director.
Senate GOP’s agenda is at a moment of reckoning with unpredictable Trump
With health-care overhaul and an FBI confirmation hearing on the horizon, Republicans grapple with an agenda fraught with political peril.
Republicans misstate, again and again on TV and at town halls, what’s in their health-care bill
Their struggle to sell the bill at home reflects the new unpopularity — and perhaps impossibility — of their long-standing promise to fully repeal Obamacare.
Lawmakers reach deal on legislation to make it easier to fire VA employees
Unions vow to fight the move, which comes in the wake of wait-times scandal at veterans hospitals
All of the White House’s conflicting explanations for Comey’s firing: A timeline
As a public service, we compiled a timeline of the shifting rhetoric by Trump and his staff.
How much power does a president have to affect an investigation?
As the fallout from Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey continues, we take a look at the limitations of presidential power when it comes to investigations. Plus, we assess how history measures up, with Bob Woodward and Marc Fisher.
Former Florida lawmaker found guilty of fraud
Corrine Brown was convicted of helping to raise $800,000 for fake charity.
FBI searches Republican political consulting firm in Annapolis
Authorities retrieved documents related to firm’s campaign work. The company has been linked in a lawsuit to fraudulent fundraising practices.
The bodyguard chosen by Trump to deliver the ‘terminated’ letter to the FBI director
After nearly two decades, Keith Schiller is among Trump’s loyal protectors and confidants.
Rosenstein role in Comey firing raises more questions than answers
The deputy attorney general met privately with key senators on Capitol Hill as criticism swirled around him.
Congressional Hispanic Caucus slams DHS pick for immigration ombudsman
Lawmakers say former director of group that seeks to reduce immigration should not be ombudsman for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
Trump effect on full display in the Senate Thursday with a majority embracing a trade-deal opponent
There is now a bipartisan majority in Congress opposing the global economic strategy that has driven U.S. trade policy for the past 35 years.
Full transcript: Acting FBI director McCabe and others testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee
The committee is investigating Russia’s alleged meddling in the U.S. presidential election.
Trump creates voter-fraud panel that critics label a ‘sham’
Numerous studies have shown that instances of in-person voter fraud are rare.
NYC hotel owner joins lawsuit against Trump alleging violation of emoluments clause
The lawsuit was originally filed just days after Trump’s inauguration by a watchdog group.
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