Opinions P.M.: Don’t forget those smiling images of Trump and the Russians

Jeff Sessions is in deep trouble, and here’s why | Sponsored by UnitedHealth Group
Opinions P.M.
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Don’t forget those smiling images of Trump and the Russians
The Russians are comfortable with the president’s greed, his dishonesty and his cynicism about the rights of others.
Jeff Sessions is in deep trouble, and here’s why
He has ethical and legal questions to answer.
The little king is angry
President Trump blows his top and fires FBI Director James B. Comey, apparently over the continued attention to the investigation of Trump associates and their Russian connections.
The existential threat Trump’s presidency poses
He seems to want to drag the United States down to the level of corruption that thrives in Russia.
The drugs we use for executions can cause immense pain and suffering
A lethal injection in Arkansas last week was anything but efficient, effective and humane.
Everything is backward with Trump
This is not where we should be, just over 100 days into an administration.
Trump’s new ‘voter fraud’ commission: A tool to help GOP win elections
Let’s be real about what this “commission” is really designed to accomplish.
Trump bags boycott of CNN
Monday night, he doesn’t watch CNN. Wednesday morning, he tweets about CNN programming.
Washington Post editorial calls for universities to ‘make crystal clear that racist … speech [is] off-limits’
But this would be unconstitutional at public universities, and a very bad idea at all universities.
Michael Mann’s ‘Blackhat’ is a warning against allowing terror to distract from other threats
A new director’s cut of “Blackhat” clarifies that it’s a warning against freaking out about terrorism, not a parable about it.
Here’s why President Trump has nothing to fear by endlessly bashing the media
Pew Research Center shows that Republican support for media’s role as a public watchdog is cratering.
Mitch McConnell strikes a pose for how history is likely to remember him
A monument to bad judgment.
Taser — now known as Axon — claims part ownership of the footage generated by its police body cameras. That’s a huge problem.
Contracts with police departments raise issues of transparency, public access, privacy and the integrity of video evidence.
Meanwhile, on that other glaring constitutional crisis …
It’s not just Russian money that should concern Senate investigators.
Condoleezza Rice’s new book is a repudiation of Trump’s ‘America first’ worldview
In “Democracy,” the former secretary of state says nationalism and nativism pose threats to democracy across the world.
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