Thursday’s Opinions: Why did Trump really fire Comey? Only a special counsel can tell us.

Comey is gone. Now what happens to the FBI?; Trump’s violations of federalism would make Obama jealous | Sponsored by UnitedHealth Group
Democracy Dies in Darkness
Gary Cameron / Reuters
Why did Trump really fire Comey? Only a special counsel can tell us.
The president is not the only party in this case with serious conflicts of interest.
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Comey is gone. Now what happens to the FBI?
We are about to learn whether the institution can preserve its professionalism when its political minders have lost theirs.
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Trump’s violations of federalism would make Obama jealous
Luckily, his executive order on “sanctuary cities” is meaningless, besides being unconstitutional.
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These Republicans could set the Comey disaster right
Mitch McConnell says calls for a more vigorous investigation would … impede the investigation?
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Don’t blame Democrats’ problems on support for abortion rights
Throwing this stance overboard may well leave the party dead in the water.
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Trump has crossed a once-unthinkable red line
The FBI must be free to make decisions without interference from the White House. Without that, everything else fails.
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Mitch McConnell may be making the most important mistake of his career
Even after the firing of the FBI director, the Senate majority leader defends the president.
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When it comes to vaccines, rich parents get away with child neglect
Poor parents rarely get the benefit of the doubt. Why the double standard?
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Will robots steal all our jobs?
Not if history is any guide, a new study reminds us.
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Comey’s firing isn’t like the ‘Saturday Night Massacre.’ It’s pretty straightforward.
There are no tapes, no subpoenas for presidential documents, no resignations from the Justice Department.
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Editorial Cartoons
Some aspects of the Michael Flynn scandal are beyond explaining Follow the Trump money
As is the backstory. Trump fires FBI Director James B. Comey while he was leading an investigation of Trump associates’ role in the Russian interference of the 2016 presidential election.
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China’s vicious campaign against human rights lawyers deserves U.S. condemnation
The ‘war on law’ must end.
How to stop racism from winning on college campuses
Racist provocations target American University and University of Maryland at College Park.
How to clean up the Comey mess
Trump’s dismissal of the FBI director has tainted the credibility of the Russia probe.
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Did Trump already blow his own cover story about Comey’s firing?
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The shame of Trump not seeing what’s wrong with firing Comey
Stable democracies don’t behave this way.
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